Below is a curated crypto airdrop list to find quality active and upcoming airdrops. Cryptocurrency airdrops are a great way to earn free coins for investors and an innovative way to build an audience for ICOs. Our list of airdrop coins will be updated and maintained throughout 2019 and beyond. Click the airdrops below for more information and application instructions.

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Airdrop Description Created at
Bcnex x VNDC Active Bcnex x VNDC Airdrop is worth 22,222,222 VNDC tokens (~$ 1,000) to celebrate the listing of the... Nov 12, 2019
Neo Smart Energy Active Neo Smart Energy Airdrop is worth 1 NSE token (~$ 10). Invite friends to earn 0,2 NSE token (~$ 2) for each re... Nov 8, 2019
Verasity Referral Active Verasity Referral Airdrop is worth $4,000 in BTC and VRAB tokens. Also, you will earn 10% of all the... Nov 6, 2019
Bitdollar Fund Active Bitdollar Fund Airdrop is worth up to 505 CPRO tokens (~$ 25.25) for easy social tasks. Share your referral li... Nov 6, 2019
WINk x TradeSatoshi Active WINk x TradeSatoshi Airdrop by Crypto Adventure is worth up to 1850 $WIN coins (~$ 0.30). Share your refe... Nov 4, 2019
Freldo Active Freldo Airdrop is worth 4 FRECNX tokens (~$ 1.60). About Freldo Freldo is the first globa... Nov 3, 2019
Sologenic Active Sologenic Airdrop is worth 40 SOLO coins (~$ 10), which will be added to your account immediately after comple... Nov 1, 2019
Cresio round 6 Active Cresio Airdrop round 6 is worth 5,760 CRES tokens (~$ 57.60) for the first 5,000 ... Nov 1, 2019
CoinDeal x Bitcoin Active CoinDeal Airdrop is worth 100 CDL tokens for all participants and 0,0013 BTC for 10 lucky users rand... Oct 31, 2019
Lino Network Active Lino Network Airdrop is worth 100 LINO tokens. About Lino Network Lino's mission is to facilitate a... Oct 30, 2019