Astra Network Bounty started on Oct 11th 2019 and lasts until Nov 30th 2019. 111k ANX tokens (1 ANX = $0.09 USD) have been allocated to bounty campaigns. Complete bounty related tasks to earn stakes. With these stakes, your portion of the bounty budget is calculated.

About Astra Network

The world's first social networking platform based blockchain for tourism, ensuring transparency and trust for review, ensuring fairness for contributors by paying the rewards for what they contribute, promises to bring a new step to the tourism industry and solve all the shortcomings of social networks and current travel review platforms.

How to join the Astra Network Bounty?
Start Date Oct 11th 2019
End Date Nov 30th 2019
Token Ticker ANX

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Astra Network Bounty Rewards

  1. Twitter
  2. YouTube
  3. Written Content

For more details and participation, please read the Astra Network Bounty rules in their BitcoinTalk Topic carefully.

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