Canlead Bounty Round 2 is a contest where you can complete tasks to earn points. At the end of the contest, top 50 users who have the most points are awarded ETH. In total 100 ETH are reserved for this contest. Rank 1 will be awarded 15 ETH. The contest started on Sept 8th 2019 and will last until October 6th 2019, which is when the IEO ends as well.

About Canlead

The purpose of Canlead is to bring together and improve upon the concepts of social networking, sharing economy, token ecosystem and allow developers to create consensus-based applications that have the standardization, scalability and interoperability.

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How to join the Canlead Round 2 Bounty?
Start Date Sept 8th 2019
End Date Oct 6th 2019
Contest Budget 100 ETH

Canlead Round 2 banner

The Canlead Bounty Campaign Round 2  is more a contest than a bounty. Participate in tasks to earn points. After the contest, top 50 ranked participants are awarded according to:

  1. Rank 1 - 15 ETH
  2. Rank 2 - 10 ETH
  3. Rank 3 - 5 ETH
  4. Rank 4-10 - 3 ETH each
  5. Rank 11-20 - 2 ETH each
  6. Rank 21-30 - 1 ETH each
  7. Rank 31-50 - 0.5 ETH each

Make sure to read the rules of the Canlead Bounty Round 2 campaign in the BitcoinTalk Topic and in this Bounty Medium Article.

Join the Canlead Bounty here

Estimated value

ICO Price
Soft Cap $2.5M USD
Hard Cap $20M USD
IEO end date Oct 6th 2019
Contest 1st winner prize 15 eth
Contest 2nd winner prize 10 eth