DACX Bounty starts on Oct 30th, 2019 and will last until Dec 29th, 2019. 2,500,000 DACX tokens (~$500,000 USD) are allocated for multiple tasks. Participate in Bounty campaigns to earn DACX tokens. 

About DACX

DACX, a London based Fintech/Blockchain start-up located in the famous Technology accelerator known as LEVEL39. The DACX project was conceived during Q3 2018, with a vision to provide a next-generation digital asset exchange wich leverages machine learning and DLT to ensure a safe and compliant marketplace. 

The Security Token Alliance, an alliance that brings together organizations advancing the Security token industry, is announcing that DACX is among the latest to partner with the Alliance. DACX and London Crypto Services (LCS) are collaborating to bridge the divide between physical commodities and digital assets, promoting the re-utilization of finite resources to drive the global circular economy. DACX is rated 4.1/5 on ICO Bench

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How to join the DACX Bounty?
Start Date Oct 30th, 2019
End Date Dec 29th, 2019
Bounty Budget 2,500,000 DACX tokens (~$500,000 USD)

DACX banner

DACX Bounty Campaign

  1. Video: 25%
  2. Blog/Article: 20%
  3. Twitter: 17.5%
  4. Facebook: 17.5%
  5. Translation: 10%
  6. Linkedln: 10%


Make sure to read the rules of the DACX Bounty campaign in the BitcoinTalk Topic.

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Estimated value

ICO Price 1 DACX = 0.2 USD
ICO Start Date 26 October, 2019
Soft Cap - Hard Cap 5 - 35 Million USD
Maximum Supply 786 Million DACX
Blockchain Standard ERC-20 Based Utility Token
Headquarters London, England

DACX Video