KAPPI Bounty started on Sept 28th 2019 and lasts until Oct 29th 2019. 75M KAPP tokens (1 ETH = 25k KAPP) have been allocated to bounty campaigns. Complete bounty related tasks to earn stakes. With these stakes, your portion of the bounty budget is calculated.

About KAPPI Network

KAPPI works as a network of several different independent blockchains, which are called spaces. Each of these spaces are powered through a KAPPI DWARF, ensuring that there are a consistent, high-performing and secure PBFT similar consensus engine wherein the accountability is guaranteed through forks. The KAPPI algorithm is scalable and can be used for proof of stake, public blockchains. Within the fist space on KAPPI is the KAPPI DWARF. The KAPPI is a cryptocurrency that operates a multi-asset proof of stake and has a simple governance system that allows for upgrades and is generally adaptable. The KAPPI DWARF can connect to other spaces allowing it to be extended.

How to join the KAPPI Network Bounty?
Start Date Sept 28th 2019
End Date Oct 29th 2019
Token Ticker KAPP

KAPPI Network banner

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KAPPI Bounty Rewards

  1.   Twitter Campaign :- 20%
  2.  Linkedin Campaign :- 15%
  3.  Telegram Campaign :- 15%
  4.  Youtube Campaign :- 15%
  5.  Translation Campaign :-15%
  6.  Blog campaign:10%
  7.  Signature Campaign:- 10%

For more details and participation, please read the KAPPI Bounty rules in their BitcoinTalk Topic carefully.

Estimated value

Token Price 1 KAPP = 0,007 USD
Total Supply 10 billion KAPP
Bounty Budget 75M KAPP
Token ETH 1 ETH = 25.000 KAPP
Blockchain Ethereum
Token Type Utility