LCX Bounty started on Sept 11th and lasts until Oct 1st 2019. 1 Million LCX tokens have been allocated for various tasks (1 LCX ~ $0.01 USD). Complete tasks to earn points (stakes), the top winners will win a larger portion of the bounty budget. You can also choose to complete simple tasks only, becasue anyone who scores 1001st place or lower, 100 LCX tokens are awarded. 

About LCX

LCX is a new category leader in the blockchain, establishing an ecosystem for the new financial world one step at a time. Enabling professional investors to trade, invest and manage crypto assets: Trading Platform for Digital Assets, Exchange for Security Tokens and other crypto assets, Blockchain Banking. LCX is a proud member of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Monty Metzger, CEO and Founder at LCX, is an internet veteran and acclaimed thought Keynote Speaker on the future of digital. Monty found his first Internet company back in 1998, since then he co-founded several tech companies, co-founded a future technology consultancy with offices in Beijing, Tokyo, Munich and New York, then founded a registered Venture Capital Fund in Luxembourg as General Partner and invested in outstanding technology companies globally.

How to join the LCX Bounty?
Start Date Sept 11th, 2019
End Date Oct 1st, 2019
Token Ticker LCX

LCX banner

LCX Bounty Rewards:

  1. 1st Place: 50,000 LCX 
  2. 2nd-5th Place: 30,000 LCX 
  3. 6th-10th Place: 10,000 LCX 
  4. 11th-20th Place: 5,000 LCX 
  5. 21st-50th Place: 1,000 LCX 
  6. 51st-1000th Place: 500 LCX 
  7. 1001st or higher: 100 LCX 

For more details, please read the LCX Bounty rules in their BitcoinTalk Topic

LCX Contest is also listed on AirdropAlert, collect tokens by participating Airdrops on

Estimated value

Token Type Utility
Blockchain Standard Ethereum, ERC-20
Soft-Cap no soft-cap
Hard-Cap $6 million USD
Bounty Budget 1 million LCX
Token Price 1 LCX = $0.01 USD

LCX Video