Ozotop Bounty started on Aug 7th and lasts until Oct 6th 2019. 4.5M OZO Tokens (1 OZO ~ $0.30 USD) are allocated for various bounty tasks. Complete tasks to earn stakes, which is used to calculate your portion of the bounty budget. 

About Ozotop

OZOTOP is the decentralized experts community and self-regulating society model with robonomic ecosystem. It will be based on Telegram Open Network Blockchain and supported with smart-contracts, bots, algorithms. The start of project is Waves Blockchain.

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How to join the Ozotop Bounty?
Start Date Aug 7th, 2019
End Date Oct 6th, 2019
Token Ticker OZO

Ozotop Bounty Campaign

  1. Signature campaign - 20%
  2. Content Campaign - 22%
  3. Translation and Moderation Campaign - 7%
  4. Twitter campaign - 5%
  5. Facebook campaign - 5%
  6. Linkedin Campaign - 5%
  7. Medium - 10%
  8. Reddit - 5%
  9. Telegram campaign - 10%

Make sure to read the rules of the Ozotop Bounty on the BitcoinTalk Bounty Topic

Join the Ozotop Bounty here

Estimated value

Token Type Utility
Blockchain Standard Waves DEX
KYC Passed? Yes
Pre-Sale Price 1 OZO ~ $0.03 USD
ICO-Price 1 OZO ~ $0.30 USD
ICObench listed Yes

Ozotop Video