PIXBY Bounty started on Sept 6th and lasts until Oct 3rd 2019. 375k PXB Tokens have been allocated for various tasks (1 PXB ~ $0.12 USD). Complete tasks to earn stakes. The amount of PXB you will receive depends on how many stakes you have earned compared to how many others have. Some tasks have a limit in how many participants are accepted.


PIXBY is a blockchain-powered freelance marketplace where creativity and excellence are rewarded. We offer innovative solutions for both the customers and the freelancers to operate via a combination of PIXBYTOKEN APIs and other established software tools and applications, along with the Ethereum decentralized applications(Dapp) which will execute PXB tokens, and minimize the need for intermediaries who make freelance market overpriced and underpaid. We want to create a platform where freelancers will be able to easily place their services in the form of goods that can be bought in one click using cryptocurrency. Unlike other already available services, PIXBY will be free and open to all, while rewarding everyone supporting the system, which makes the platform more friendly than others. The PIXBY platform will be available for public access as early as Q2 2020, and while PIXBY is in development you have the opportunity to buy PXB tokens before anyone else.

How to join the PIXBY Bounty?
Start Date Sept 6th 2019
End Date Oct 3rd 2019
Token Ticker PXB

PIXBY banner

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PIXBY Bounty Rewards:

  1. Twitter - 15%
  2. Reddit -  15%
  3. Telegram Group owners - 10%
  4. Medium - 10%
  5. Translation - 25%
  6. Content - 25%

For more details, please read the PIXBY Bounty rules in their BitcoinTalk Topic

Estimated value

Token Type Utility
Blockchain Standard Ethereum ERC-20
KYC Passed? No
Pre-Sale Price 1000 PXB tokens = 0.19 ETH
ICO Price 1000 PXB tokens = 0.63 ETH
ICObench listed Yes