Sapien Network Bounty started on Oct 28th 2019 and ends on Dec 23rd 2019. A prize up to $500 USD in ETH is awarded in this Article Contest. The top 20 articles are rewarded.

About Sapien Network

Sapien is a Web3 social network that enables meaningful conversations, data sovereignty, and economic empowerment.
Sapien is a democratized social network, with a rewards engine that gives users a voice in determining how rewards should be distributed. The platform is powered by the SPN token, used to reward users and increase capacity for action (posting and voting) on the platform. Sapien also has a vibrant staking economy, with more than 17.8 million SPN staked since launch.

How to join the Sapien Network Bounty?
Start Date Oct 29th 2019
End Date Dec 23rd 2019
Reward in ETH (Ethereum)

Sapien Network banner

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Sapien Network Bounty Rewards

  • 1: $500
  • 2: $250
  • 3: $100
  • 4-10: $50
  • 11-20: $25

The articles are evaluated by the Sapien team and 20 winners are selected.

For more details and participation, please read the Sapien Network Bounty rules in their BitcoinTalk Topic carefully.

Estimated value

Bounty type Article Contest
Max Reward $500 USD in ETH
Min Reward $20 USD in ETH
Headquarters California, US
Blockchain Ethereum
Token Type Utility

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