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WITH Bounties

WITH Round 2 Bounty starts on August 30th 2019 and lasts until 80 valid submisssions have been received by WITH project. Various amounts of WIKEN tokens are allocated based on quality, where 1 WIKEN ~ $0,01 USD. Participate in the Bounty campaign, submit your content and earn 500 - 4000 WIKEN tokens.

About WITH

WITH platform supports sports career development where athletes across various sports events will gather career information and have self-PR opportunities on the platform. WITH platform connects sports athletes, clubs, agents and fans from all over the world by utilizing blockchain technology. Users who contribute their time and attention towards generating informational data and contents for the platform are compensated in cryptocurrency according to a specified scheme designed by Project WITH. On the other hand, those who need information inquiry will have to pay service fee in cryptocurrency.

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How to join the WITH Bounty?
Max Participants 80
Token Price 1 WIKEN = $0.01 USD
Rewards $5, $20 or $40 in WIKEN tokens

WITH banner

WITH Bounty Campaign

  1. Content Creation Campaign - 100%

Good Quality = 4000 WIKEN (max 10 people)

Medium Quality = 2000 WIKEN (max 20 people)

Low QUality = 500 WIKEN (max 50 people)

Each user is allowed one submission, meaning a maximum of 40 USD in WIKEN tokens can be earned, given that the quality is deemed Good and there are still spots open.

For more information, review the Bitcointalk topic.

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