Below is our list of the best bounty campaigns among all ongoing ICO projects listed on Neironix. A bounty campaign is a tool used by many ICO and blockchain projects during their fundraising campaigns to get more workforce by offering the project's virtual asset as a reward for work. Our bounty list provides extensive information on bounty campaigns including the types of work, amounts of reward for each type of work and outside platforms used to run the bounty campaign.

Bounties Description Created at
Diagon Active Diagon Bounty starts on Oct 21st. 1,250,000 DGN tokens (~$250,000 USD) are allocated for multiple tasks.... Nov 11, 2019
Instant Assets Tokens Active Instant Assets Tokens Bounty starts on Nov 8th, 2019 and will last for 8 weeks. 30,000,000 IAT tokens (~$300,0... Nov 9, 2019
Bitdollar Fund Active Bitdollar Fund Bounty is worth up to 505 CPRO tokens (~$ 25.25) for easy social tasks. Share your referral lin... Nov 6, 2019
DACX Active DACX Bounty starts on Oct 30th, 2019 and will last until Dec 29th, 2019. 2,500,000 DACX tokens (~$500,000 USD... Nov 6, 2019
ILCoin Active ILCoin Bounty started on Oct 28th 2019 and ends on Dec 23rd 2019. A prize up to $5000 USD in ILC tokens i... Nov 4, 2019
Sapien Network Active Sapien Network Bounty started on Oct 28th 2019 and ends on Dec 23rd 2019. A prize up to $500 USD in ETH i... Oct 31, 2019
ESAX Technologies Active ESAX Technologies Bounty started on Oct 29th 2019, the end date is yet to be announced. 1M ESAX... Oct 30, 2019
Nova Token Active Nova Token Bounty started on Sept 2nd 2019 and lasts until the end of 2019. 50M NVT tokens (1 NVT =... Oct 29, 2019
Astra Network Active Astra Network Bounty started on Oct 11th 2019 and lasts until Nov 30th 2019. 111k ANX tokens (1 ANX ... Oct 28, 2019
KAPPI Network Active KAPPI Bounty started on Sept 28th 2019 and lasts until Oct 29th 2019. 75M KAPP tokens (1 ETH =&... Oct 26, 2019