Below is our list of the best bounty campaigns among all ongoing ICO projects listed on Neironix. A bounty campaign is a tool used by many ICO and blockchain projects during their fundraising campaigns to get more workforce by offering the project's virtual asset as a reward for work. Our bounty list provides extensive information on bounty campaigns including the types of work, amounts of reward for each type of work and outside platforms used to run the bounty campaign.

Bounties Description Created at
Quube Exchange Active Quube Bounty started on Sept 3rd and lasts until Oct 31st 2019. 1.3M QRP Tokens are reserved for bounties... Sep 20, 2019
Byzbit Active Byzbit Bounty started on Sept 5th and lasts until Oct 31st 2019. 1.25M BYZ Tokens are reserved for bounti... Sep 20, 2019
OVR Active OVR Airdrop is worth 10 OVR tokens (~$ 1) for every friend you invite, with a maximum of 100 referrals. A... Sep 18, 2019
INMINING Bounty Active INMINING Bounty started on August 29th 2019 and will last until December 1st 2019. 8% of the funds raised will... Sep 17, 2019
PIXBY Active PIXBY Bounty started on Sept 6th and lasts until Oct 3rd 2019. 375k PXB Tokens have been allocated for various... Sep 17, 2019
LCX Active LCX Bounty started on Sept 11th and lasts until Oct 1st 2019. 1 Million LCX tokens have been allocated for var... Sep 16, 2019
SonicX Active SonicX Airdrop is worth 2,500 SOX coins (~$ 10). Occasionally we like to alert you of an airdrop we are exc... Sep 13, 2019
BitWings Round 2 Active BitWings Bounty Round 2 lasts from Sept 12th until Oct 10th 2019. This is the second round, where tokens are a... Sep 13, 2019
Canlead Round 2 Active Canlead Bounty Round 2 is a contest where you can complete tasks to earn points. At the end of the contes... Sep 13, 2019
Sentex Active Sentex Bounty started on Sep 5th and lasts until Dec 18th 2019. 5M SNTX Tokens (1 SNTX ~ $... Sep 12, 2019