Below is our list of the best bounty campaigns among all ongoing ICO projects listed on Neironix. A bounty campaign is a tool used by many ICO and blockchain projects during their fundraising campaigns to get more workforce by offering the project's virtual asset as a reward for work. Our bounty list provides extensive information on bounty campaigns including the types of work, amounts of reward for each type of work and outside platforms used to run the bounty campaign.

Bounties Description Created at
Ozotop Active Ozotop Bounty started on Aug 7th and lasts until Oct 6th 2019. 4.5M OZO Tokens (1 OZO ~&nb... Sep 10, 2019
HiveNet Active HiveNet Bounty started on Sept 9th and lasts until Oct 20th 2019. 2.5M HNT Tokens (1 HNT = $0.0... Sep 9, 2019
Hinto Active Hinto Bounty started on Sept 3rd and lasts until Sept 23rd. 5k HNT Tokens (1 HNT= $0.50 USD)&nb... Sep 7, 2019
Minter Active Minter Signature Bounty started on Sept 2nd and lasts until Oct 14th 2019. 500k BIP Tokens (1 BIP =... Sep 7, 2019
PNGme Active PNGme Bounty started on Sept 6tg and lasts until the end of ICO. 10M PNG coins (1 PNG = $0.01 USD)&n... Sep 6, 2019
DocTailor Active DocTailor Bounty started on July 20th and lasts until Sep 20th 2019.project. 7 billion DOCT tokens (... Sep 6, 2019
Fred Energy Active Fred Energy Bounty started on August 29th and lasts for 8 weeks. 7M FRED tokens (~ $70k - $210k USD) are... Sep 6, 2019
Listereum Round 2 Active Listereum Round 2 Bounty starts on August 21st 2019 and lasts untill the end of the ICO. 200k&n... Sep 6, 2019
WITH Active WITH Round 2 Bounty starts on August 30th 2019 and lasts until 80 valid submisssions have been recei... Sep 6, 2019
Tokoin Active Tokoin Bounty started on August 28th and lasts for 8 weeks. 582K TOKO tokens (~ $31.5k USD) are allocated... Aug 28, 2019