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Litecoin $118,11 1.5%
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Zcash $103,21 1,17%



BrandProtect is a brand company, which embodied technologies of block chain and cryptoprotection in real sector of the economy. We use block chain technology to ensure the protection of intellectual property rights of trademark owners, prevent counte...

admin 2019-09-18 15:03:10 ETH, BTC, BRAND
100% Available
Available tokens: ~1,365,000 BRAND Total tokens: 1,365,000 BRAND


Bethereum uses concepts including gamification, user-friendly UX and simple account creation to create a unique betting platform for everyone. Bethereum is much more than just sports betting. In addition to limitless scalability, the platform can als...

admin 2019-09-18 13:51:40 ETH, BTC, BETHER
100% Available
Available tokens: ~25 BETHER Total tokens: 25 BETHER


Crypto APIs is the backbone of any project in a Billion dollar blockchain industry. Our mission is to help with the Crypto & Blockchain adoption by giving the community the opportunity to build any idea faster and cheaper. We build developer-friendly...

admin 2019-09-18 12:15:00 ETH, BTC, CAPI
100% Available
Available tokens: ~50,000,000 CAPI Total tokens: 50,000,000 CAPI


XR Web is a decentralized network protocol that converts our physical space into a secured and encrypted three-dimensional internet space where content and applications can be projected, displayed and transacted. We are building the core infrastructu...

admin 2019-09-18 12:14:54 ETH, BTC, XR
100% Available
Available tokens: ~454,996,667 XR Total tokens: 455,000,000 XR