Jan 18, 2020

[CoinKeeper And Cloudcoin – Announcement Of New Partnership]

CloudCoin is a digital currency. That cannot be counterfeited, controlled, tracked or stolen. CloudCoins cannot be double-spent, mined or lost. It is 100% private and requires no public ledgers, accounts, or encryption. CloudCoin is a completely fair and ethical monetary system.

The three major components of the system are the e-Mint, CloudCoin, and the RAIDA. The CloudCoin is passed electronically from the Current Owner to the Candidate Owner. The Candidate Owner opens the CloudCoin JPEG file in software that they trust and checks the denomination on the CloudCoin to see if it matches what the CloudCoin is purported to be. 

With this new partnership formed between Cloudcoin and CoinKeeper, we expect it would open up many more chances for both parties to get thriving outcomes and to better each system as well. Nothing is impossible and with our progress made ceaselessly, achievements are believed to be gained in the near future.

Sources: cloudcoin coinkeeper