Mar 9, 2020

[GoalTime N Heads to Launch IEO on CoinKeeper Exchange]

GoalTime N will be our next partner to open IEO on March 18.

GoalTime N is a social media and e-commerce industry. This company opened in 09 August 2019. The basic purpose of their company is that everyone can earn money by doing a little work at home. With this objective in mind, GoalTime N launched a Token which is called "GoalTime N" or "GTX" Token.

You can earn money by earning this GTX Token. So it can be said that GoalTime is moving towards Crypto-currency through social media and the E-Commerce industry. GoalTime is giving everyone one opportunity to invest money and do business.

GoalTime N is an Ethereum BlockChain based CryptoCurrency which is used to mine GTX tokens for those people who use GoalTime N Apps. For benefits of users, GTX can be converted to Bitcoin, Ethereum or other crypto using third party exchanges.

Having partnered with hundreds of projects globally, CoinKeeper is no doubt a reliable exchange for any project that wants to open IEO with full KYC supply. We are confident to be professional enough in collaboration with all the goodwill partners. CoinKeeper system is daily upgraded and developed with unceasing efforts of all staffs to hopefully provide the best services for all of our customers.

With this first cooperation, CoinKeeper and GoalTime N are expected to bring in the best results for both sides.

Token information:

• Name: GoldTimeN 

• Ticker: GTX

• Total supply: 100,000,000 GTX

• Token available for IEO: 2,000,000 GTX

• Price at IEO: $ 0.05

- Start date: March 18, 2020

- End date: April 18, 2020


Link to register for an account:

Link to buy GTX with ETH:

Link to buy GTX with BTC:

Sources: goaltimen coinkeeper