Mar 11, 2020

[Welcome CoinKeeper’s New Strategic Partner – Mandi Token]

Mandi creates a new ecosystem in conventional business by combining blockchain technology & digitalization which ensure token holders fund share allocated to profit generating activities and directly translated to not only token market price increase but additional profit sharing to all token holders.

Mnl - Mining and Infrastructure token will be unique as it will use blockchain technology and will be traded as a digital share certificate (Mandi) on various cryptocurrency Exchanges, but will give an underlying asset assessed value. In addition each Mandi token not only acts as a store of value but represents a profit share of each conventional business supporting the token.

With the agreement and consultation of both sides, Mandi has newly become strategic partner of CoinKeeper. Along with this, CoinKeeper is willingly committed to supporting Mandi in terms of media and marketing comprehensively.

With the current prestigious Exchange platform and global brand of CoinKeeper, we believe that CoinKeeper and Mandi will have a successful co-ordination for all activities and projects jointly collaborated from now on.

We have high expectations for this new strategic partner, let's make a rhythamically combination together to make further strides and create a brighter future for both parties.

Sources: manditoken coinkeeper