Mar 10, 2020

[The TLS Token Joins IEO at CoinKeeper's Exchange]

TLS Group is a fintech company specializing in the development and integration of Green energy technologies. Their mission is a world where electricity is clean, reliable, affordable and available to everyone. Maintaining their priority focus around superior product offerings, they remain committed to their vision for a democratized energy system.                        

Their equipment operates in parallel with the existing energy system infrastructure, providing greater control and ownership for both consumers and manufacturers. Understanding their business model enables ordinary consumers and energy companies to benefit from and contribute to a clean and affordable energy system.

CoinKeeper with our integrated system would be a perfect exchange platform for all project owners to open IEO. Our platform makes it easy to securely buy, use, store and trade digital assets. To achieve that, we provide a CK99 platform (CoinKeeper code starts with 9x) to assist startups in using a Smart Contract, managing wallets via API systems and tracking all transactions.

CoinKeeper with our top priority is transparency and safety, would always welcome all projects to open IEO with KYC provided clearly.

By this co-operation, CoinKeeper and TLS expect to get the best results not only for IEO running but the future development of both sides in the long run.

Sources: tlsgroup coinkeeper