Terms of Use

ICO projects are researched and evaluated by CoinKeeper experts in various criteria. Moreover, CoinKeeper also accepts ICOs that want to register at CoinKeeper. So we will not take responsibility for any ICO projects dropped or failed. We only have premium compensation for investors according to the% accepted by CoinKeeper.

We recommend investors to make reasonable investments. Your money is yours, CoinKeeper is just a service to help you evaluate by supporting useful information, and ensuring for the ICO projects approved at CoinKeeper.

All information about comments and scoring at CoinKeeper for community is a part of evaluation process for an ICO project.

We still accept some risks from deliberately creating comments or scoring aim to lose fairness in evaluation. However, if you are one of the above participants, we will have an anti-countermeasure such as a permanent lockout without prior notice.

Once a project having promotions such as Bounty or AirDrop does not comply with the commitments will soon be removed from the CoinKeeper system without notice.

We do not encourage investors to arbitrarily buy, sell or exchange tokens or accounts.

The offending account will be locked without notice if any fraud is detected.

Any activities related to create multiple accounts or change IPs when participating in a CoinKeeper promotion are banned and the offending account deliberately breaks will be locked without notice.

All information about accounts and individuals such as email, phone numbers are kept confidential.

No third party can require to see it, and we also commit to not exchange information to any individual or organization.

ICO or IEO are risky projects, meanwhile, it can bring you a lot of financial benefits but can also make you a broke. However, at CoinKeeper you can be assured thanks to the supporting from CoinKeeper's Team with fully information about the project reality, and the insurance service for unexpected risk.

CoinKeeper prohibits any act of intentionally hacking into the system or spamming into the evaluation system. Any violation will be strictly punished according to the international network law.

CoinKeeper can restore, temporarily lock and permanently delete your account if you violate the policies mentioned above.

However, in some cases due to misunderstandings or incidents from the system, don't worry as we will have a solution for you.

For more information, contact us at: [email protected] Or start a conversation on Fb, Telegram.