CazPlus (PLUS) (PLUS)


CazPlus has the vision of combining crypto, e-commerce, state-of-the-art technology, and artificial intelligence to create a suitable, secure, and positive experience for investors, crypto traders, and e-commerce customers and merchants. Main feature We are a dynamic team of technology believers and geeks, focused on uniting modern-day technologies to build sustainable business entities. Caz project is a result of meticulous research and development aimed to create an environment, an eco-system where everything supports each other and sustain as a whole. Caz Eco-system has various products and services such as E-commerce marketplace, payments gateway, crypto currency exchange etc. We are using a combination of Blockchain, Fintech and AI technologies to improve profitability and to better deliver convenience, selection, data privacy and personalization to our customers. Our vision is to bring crypto, blockchain, fintech and artificial intelligence together to create a convenient, secure and positive experience for investors, crypto traders and e-commerce customers and merchants. We developed various platforms under Caz Eco-system with limited funds available with us, but our reserves and savings dried up quickly. CAZPLUS An Ethereum powered utility token and a stable crypto currency. Below are our Live Products (MVP) CAZSHOP A crypto based e-commerce marketplace powered by Artificial intelligence. Which amplifies user experience and facilitates global trade. CAZPAY A state-of-the-art and secure payment gateway favours seamless money transfer. CAZEXCHANGE A centralized and fortified crypto exchange provides liquidity to the Caz-ecosystem.

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